Patton SN5200/32B/EUI


Product Description

Patton Smartnode SN5200/32B/EUI Summary

Universal SIP trunking service lets businesses with PBXs use VoIP and other real-time media communications over an end-to-end IP connection. The SmartNode 5200 connects the Enterprise’s LAN to an Internet telephony service provider (ITSP), creating a single conduit for multimedia components including voice, video and data.

The SN5200 includes SIP-aware NAT and access controlled lists (ACLs) for maintaining secure communications when SIP traffic crosses the Enterprise edge.

The SN5200 enables IP-based data routing for enterprises in need of a single integrated access device to support their IP data and voice connectivity needs. Routing capabilities include RIP v1/v2, virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP), Loopback interfaces as well as advanced techniques like policy based routing (PBR).

SN5200 provides advanced features like NAT/ NAPT in addition to ACLs and PBR for security and QoS that keep malicious traffic from effecting bandwidth requirements of PBR-marked essential traffic. Downstream QoS ensures important voice and fax calls don’t get bogged down by such resource hungry lower priority TCP traffic as FTP downloads.

SmartWare™ is equipped with a link status based routing function. This function, together with SIP registrar, enables survivable telephony services to be deployed between intra-office SIP clients in case there is a failure at the SIP provider. Combined with a PSTN fall-back scheme, the SN5200 is capable of routing calls over PSTN in the event of a SIP trunking provider problem.

Patton Smartnode SN5200/32B/EUI Core Features

  • IP Routing—RIP v1/v2, VRRP, Policy Based Routing, Loopback Interface.
  • VPN Tunnels—Standard IPsec with AH and ESP ensures maximum protection when traversing unsecured networks.
  • Strong Encryption—DES, 3DES, and AES offer standards-based encryption algorithms from 56 to 256 bits.
  • QoS/CoS Profiles—Configurable burst tolerance, bandwidth guarantees plus reduce per flow traffic jitter as required by the application
  • Configurable Security Profiles—Built-in IP address and IP port filtering, ACLs and DoS attack detection creates a comprehensive security environment.
  • Enhanced IP services—DNS resolver and relay, NAT/NAPT, dynamic DNS, and DHCP server, ease integration.
  • 10/100 Ethernet—One 10/100 WAN Ethernet port and four 10/100 LAN Ethernet ports

Patton Smartnode SN5200/32B/EUI Technical Specifications

  • Capacity
    • 32 Simultaneous SIP Sessions
  • Data Services
    • 1 10/100BaseT WAN port, 4 10/100 LAN Ethernet Ports
    • Complete IP Access Router
    • DHCP Client & server
    • Packet Fragmentation
    • Static Firewall
    • NAT, NAPT RFC 1631 Access Control Lists
    • DMZ Port
  • Quality of Service
    • Voice priority
    • DownStreamQoS
    • Traffic management, shaping and policing
    • IEEE 802.1p, TOS, DiffServ labeling
    • IEEE 802.1Q, VLAN tag insertion/deletion (4096 VLAN IDs, multiple VLAN support
  • Voice Signaling
    • SIPv2
    • SIP call transfer, redirect
    • DTMF in-band & out-of-band
    • All tones programmable (dial, ringing, busy)
  • Management
    • Web/HTTP, CLI with local console and remote Telnet access
    • TFTP configuration & firmware loading
    • SNMP MIB II and product MIB
    • Secure autoprovisioning for both firmware and unit/subscriber configuration
    • Built-in diagnostic tools (trace, debug, call generator)
  • Call Switching and Services
    • Regular expression based call routing and number manipulation
    • Number blocking
    • Short-dialing
    • Digit collection, distribution and hunt groups
    • transparent line extension
  • Voice Processing
    • CODEC G.711 a-law/mu-law, G.723, G.729ab
    • G.726, G.727. T.38 fax relay
    • G.711 transparent fax and bypass
  • System
    • CPU Motorola MPC875 @ 133 MHz
    • Memory 32MB SDRAM/8MB Flash
  • Dimensions
    • 7.3W x 1.6H x 6.1D in. (18.5H x 4.1W x 15.5D cm)
  • Weight
    • 24.4 oz./400g
  • Power
    • 100–240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
  • Temperature
    • 32–104°F (0–40°C)
  • Humidity
    • 5–80% (non condensing)

Patton Smartnode SN5200/32B/EUI Diagrams

The SN5200 enables Universal SIP Trunking and provides a single Integrated Access Device with features like IP Routing, Redundancy, Security and a SIP registrar for survivability. The Enterprise can use a single conduit for both its voice and data traffic thus making the most cost efficient use of its resources. By using two SN5200 with VRRP enabled an Enterprise could connect to two ITSP and provide for failover incase the primary SIP provider trunk has a problem.


SmartNode5200 application diagram