Calncall is an ITSP (internet telecommunication service provider) in Singapore and also offers cloud-based IP PBX solution.  Our objective is to simplify the business communication process by offering cost-effective unified communications solutions to organizations which have multiple branches in different geographical locations and also to users who like to work from home. In addition, calncall users can have all the features of an IP PBX without the need or cost of on-premise hardware.  As soon as we open your account and set up in our cloud PBX you can use the same set up anywhere in this world.

Where can you use CalnCall?
CASE 1: It is suitable for simple office setup. Calncall offers DID numbers, users can have virtual extensions, so users can call between the extensions for free of cost. calncall provides fax numbers as well. Calncall offers softphone clients for android, IPhone and Windows system.
CASE 2: Unlike case 1 it is suitable if you have offices in two different locations. With calncall one can have as many number of virtual extensions as they want since it works in a hosted environment,  all the extensions are interlinked. It allows users to call between the extensions even if they are at different locations.
CASE 3: For those users who like to work from home, they can configure the Calncall account on their smartphones, IP phones or on their desktops and can work from home. Calncall also has a FAX facility for home use.  With the Calncall it is easy for users to continue their daily duties from anywhere around this world.
CASE 4: Users are also able to configure the SIP trunk on their existing IP PBX (3CX, AVAYA, ASKOZIA, GRANDSTREAM etc) By suing Calncall SIP trunks users can make outbound calls and receive inbound calls as well.  When compared to teleco lines Calncall’s IDD rates are 50-60% less. Calncal gives customers to realise an ROI and invest back into their companies.
Advantages in using Calncall are cost effective, easy to set up and use with no maintenance fee etc.