Cal4tell Nx 32

Cal4tell Nx 32

Specially designed for 3cx to over a complete Unified Communications solution with advanced features right out of the box, supporting around 32 concurrent calls with 200 users and built using the technology of the open-platform software PBX from 3CX, the Call4tel Nx32 is making installation and management of your phone system easier than ever. The new Call4tel Nx32 is the most powerful, performant and reliable appliance that 3CX currently supports, integrating smart features like the WebRTC based enhanced video conference, plug’n’play SIP trunk connectivity, state of the art anti-hacking module and many more.

Why Call4tel Nx32 Is So Special

  • Installation process done in minutes, minimum down time
  • Installation process done in minutes, minimum down time
  • Easy, plug’n’play installation of a wide list of IP Phones
  • Supports more than 250 SIP Trunk providers from 50 countries, directly connected to the PBX or via the Internet
  • The most secure built-in tunnel connection and anti-hacking module
  • Extremely well priced, practically the most cost effective on the market
  • Take full advantage of the latest technologies with clear and high quality codecs
  • WebRTC based Web Conferencing, completely free of charge and included in standard
  • Extremely well priced, practically the most cost effective on the market

Key Advanced Features

Web-based softphone client, no installation required

QR code provisioning for softphones.

Unlimited IVR levels and API based advanced call flows

Advanced Call Center features and WordPress integration

One license model, no hidden charges

Bridge remote offices and connect remote workers with no extra costs

Proprietary tunnel using 2056 bit level encryption

Updated automatically, no maintenance is required

Use Google Drive to automate the backup/restore schedule

High availability with as low as 5 minutes down time


A Remarkable Solution

The easy-to-use solution from Call4tel Nx32 leverages 3CX Phone System open-standards software PBX, enhancing and improving the user experience, the low level of maintenance, extreme reliability and environment friendly. The installation time is the lowest ever found on any PBX appliance.

Latest Features and Functionalities

Always a step ahead, this small appliance integrates some of the most extraordinary features, such as the WebRTC web meeting for up to 250 participants, softphone clients for almost any operating system, QR scanning for instant provision of smartphones, automatic maintenance and faults notifications, web based management console and soft client to operate the PBX from anywhere in the world.

Virtually the Safest PBX on the Planet

Tunnel connections are assuring the safest path is always secured. With A+ rating from SSL Labs, our PBX has the latest anti-hacking methods detection module and automatically shared worldwide blacklisted IP addresses, so that you are protected no matter what.

Always On and Running

Easily setup a backup and restore schedule using the local disk, any FTP server or even a ordinary Google Drive account. The built-in failover lets you replicate the PBX in another location and in as low as 5 minutes your phones will connect back to the secondary PBX, allowing you to continue running your business while the PBX gets troubleshooted and fixed.

Connect From Anywhere

Using the remote extensions or simply by accessing the web-based client your employees can now connect to the PBX from virtually anywhere in the world, whether is an airport terminal or a home office. They will have access to the complete range of features that a local office worker has, practically feeling as being in the office. All features will be available, such as corporate chat, video calling, conferences, status updates, call queues and many more.

Download Manual



Intel X5-Z8350



Storage Capacity



2* USB 2.0 for external storage or disaster recovery system

Ethernet ports

2 (100Mbps speed)

HDMI port







1 year


3CX pre installed (Debian)